Angularjs tutorial- a step by step guide for beginners

Angularjs tutorial- a step by step guide for beginners

As a prevalent scripting language, many coders and web developers use JavaScript for developing the website. This is because it not only reduces the time frame but also, decreases the efforts significantly. Such as example is angularJS as it develops logical work flow for creation of websites.

This is a manual that introduces how to learn Angularjs JavaScript, a set of open source libraries that serve to make advanced web applications on the client side. It is ideal for making business applications and management applications that are deployed on a single page. AngularJS is supported by Google and every day more developers are adopting it, which gives us an idea of ​​the promising future of the bookstore.

Introduction to AngularJS

This is a conceptual introduction to the AngularJS JavaScript framework. Here it is explained why it is increasingly important to develop web applications with a high load of JavaScript and why these types of libraries are essential for easier programming, quick and easy maintenance. Angularjs online tutorial can help you to understand the script in an easier way.

Why AngularJS

Recently there has been a wave of systems that have placed JavaScript on another level. AngularJS is one of them, but there are many others like BackboneJS or EmberJS. They are the frameworks that come to provide tools and design patterns with which JavaScript becomes a language capable of serving as a huge application engine. And that makes perfect sense. Today modern computers, however modest they may be, can process certain things with speed. They are able to receive simple data and “cook” themselves the HTML to display them based on templates. Before the server was the one that had to send the complete HTML to the client, now the trend is that only send the data and that the client (browser or any other system where you want to see that data) is the one that treats them and shows them properly. This has resulted in a part of the layout and presentation logic of the information being transferred from the server to the clients. The obvious advantage is that the server has been downloaded from work, since it simply has to send the data through JSON to the client and it is this one who will be in charge of producing the HTML that is necessary. But it is not just an improvement over the server in terms of processing, also in terms of bits, because it is lighter to transfer simple data than the full HTML to display them. Angularjs tutorial with examples for beginners can help you to grasp the script with no time.


What is AngularJS

AngularJS is JavaScript. It is an open source project, done in JavaScript that contains a set of useful libraries for the development of web applications and proposes a series of design patterns to carry them out. In short, it is what is known as a framework for development, in this case on the JavaScript language with client-side programming. You can find the AngularJS project on its own website: AngularJS, Super heroic JavaScript MVW Framework. Being an open source project anyone with a little curiosity take a deep look and see how it has been written, even admitting collaborations from developers who wants to contribute things. HTML Improvements This JavaScript programmers want to improve the HTML they make. That they can produce an HTML that, declaratively, generates applications that are easy to understand even for someone who does not have deep knowledge of computer science. This doesn’t need any prerequisites to learn Angularjs.

What you need to develop with AngularJS

The only thing you need to develop with AngularJS is a text editor and browser. So simple, surely everyone has already configured their favorite editor, so you can skip if you want these paragraphs.

  • Code editor:can be whatever you are used to use, you do not need to change it to program with Angular. What is interesting is that it is an editor for programmers, which allows you various aids when writing the code, syntax coloring, contextual aids, etc. Notepad ++, Sublime Text, Komodo Edit, Brackets, etc. Anyone is good. If you’re used to more complex IDEs like Eclipse or PHPStorm, you can stay with them too.
  • Browser:You can use any browser to see a development based on Angular. Generally you will even have several browsers to test your page on each of them and check that everything is in order.


Download AngularJS

If you want to work with AngularJS you have to include the framework script on your page. You can do this in several ways, either you download the library completely and place it in a directory of your project, or you use a CDN to bring the library from a remote server. In principle it is indifferent to didactic level, so we are going to start in the simplest way, which is to use the CDN. Click the download button and you will find several options. You choose the version of the framework (if you allow it) and it is minimized. Then you will find a text field where the URL of the library is located (that URL is marked with the abbreviation “CDN” next to it). You know that the CDN offers content, in this case a JavaScript script, which is hosted on another server, but you can use it from your page to improve the delivery of it  You can easily learn Angularjs from scratch using these guidelines.

However Angular goes from being a library to becoming a web application framework. It not only allows you a series of functions and mechanisms to access the elements of the page and modify them, but also offers a series of mechanisms by which to extend the HTML, to make it more semantic, even saving you many lines of JavaScript code for do the same things you used to do with jQuery. But the main difference and for which AngularJS takes the denomination of “framework”, is that it marks you a series of norms and habits in the programming, mainly thanks to the pattern MVC implemented in AngularJS. Tutorial For Beginners 02 – What is AngularJS.mp4


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